Tea Cart Makeover


A few weeks back my mom and I were thrift shopping (we found an AWESOME new thrift store in Little Canada- “Planet Thrift” by the way..) and we came upon this vintage bar cart. The gentleman working informed us that it was from roughly 1946. I loved the look and the print on it, but was chipped and stained in places and needed a good clean up.

Cart b4

I started by cleaning the dust and dirt with water/paper towels and sanded it down lightly with sand paper. I have tons of acrylic craft paint since I paint on canvas often, so that is what I used to spruce up the cart. I also like to use acrylic because I can mix different colors to get the exact color I want, try it out, and if I don’t like, mix up another color!  For the golden color I used a mix of mustard yellow, saddle brown, gold, gold glitter and white. I did 3 coats of the gold mix.  Then I used plain white for the print detailing. I used a very watered down white so I could get a good form with the brush since it is an intricate print.  Here is the end result… SPOILER ALERT! You get a sneak peek of my striped fridge project in this photo 🙂

Cart after

Here is the detailing up close. Cute mix of flowers, vine and birds. After the 3 coats of gold, the detailing still was barely visible so I was able to easily trace it over with white and a thin paintbrush.

Cart detail

The gold also had a gold glitter mixed in, and shows in just the right light, which I love. I didn’t want the glitter to be overwhelming or gaudy.


Then time for the accessories! I have another small furniture piece (that I am also in the midst of sprucing up) that I use for a wine bar so this cart I planned to use as a coffee bar. I received these cute coffee & tea tins for my birthday this year.

coffee tins

I also added in a milk glass piece I found at “Chickadee Cottage” and other coffee cups and flowers. I’m sure I will continue to add/take away as I go so stay tuned!



Thank you for taking a peek!



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