Striped Fridge Makeover


I follow a great blog, THE HUNTED INTERIOR  and came across this post on her blog awhile back on Pinterest: She updated a blah white fridge with gold duct tape. Duct tape! And it looked so chic! So I thought I would give it a try, as I too have (well, had) a blah white fridge.

fridge b4

Fridge Before

I happened to already have black duct tape on hand, so that is the color I decided to use. It ended up working out great, because I have a black & white stove, and now I can also add a lot of color in other decorative elements in the kitchen (my backsplash is very colorful, and you will get to see that soon!).

At THE HUNTED INTERIOR she wrote that measuring in between the stripes wasn’t necessary, and it is true! Sure they are not all even, but you don’t even notice and it saves a TON of time. You just pull the size of stripe needed (I always left a little extra and used a scissors to cut to exactly where I needed the stripe to end. Sometimes you don’t get a clean cut, but I just folded the tape into a clean cut). Then, just eyeball and stick it down! I would play around when some were a little off before I would press down firmly.

 fridge2           fridge3

With such a chic-looking fridge, I decided the stove needed a few accessories as well!

gallery    gallery2


I will tell you how I made this rose-colored glass in another post soon!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the finished result! You can also see my Tea cart in the corner, that sits right by the fridge 🙂


Thanks for taking a peek!


4 thoughts on “Striped Fridge Makeover

  1. I think you have just started a whole new trend in refridgerators! And black duct tape! It looks very professional – love it!

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