The Everygirl + Fizz56 Dream Makeover

It’s been over a week since my last post, sorry to leave you hanging! I was on vacation in northern MN and it is the one time in the year where I really do unplug from computer.

I recently entered a contest to win a $5000 Dream Room & $1000 Styling Giveaway from The Everygirl + Fizz56 and thought I would share some of the cool things I found on the site Lulu & Georgia, which is also part of the contest.  To enter, you had to Tweet a photo of the room you want made over and also select a few items from the Lulu & Georgia site that you would want incorporated into your dream room.

Here are some of my favorite items:


And, I suppose I should mention the room I would want made over, where all of these pretty things could go! Well, I do love the process of taking my time and finding cool pieces for each area of my apartment, but my bedroom is slower coming than the rest. I really need some cool artwork and accessories in this space. Here is the photo of my bedroom- take into account again that I haven’t completely decorated this space yet, I’m almost embarrassed to put this up 🙂

bedroom b4

At least it will make a good before & after. My Shabby Chic brand sheets will stay though, so comfy and pretty! I can’t wait to see them surrounded by other pretty things. The contest is a long shot, but keep your fingers crossed for me! And in any case, stay tuned for bedroom updates!


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