Ombre Painting

Happy Saturday!

I apologize it has been over a week since my last post! I have been hard at work at my job as we are preparing for our new Design Studio to open this coming week! I have been designing a gallery wall of company photos as well as wall decor, as well as painting, staging and organizing the new space.  I will post photos as soon as we open!

My day off this week consisted of cleaning my room for the Apartment Therapy Style Cure, which turned into an all-day event when I started moving some furniture around 🙂 I will have a big Style Cure update tomorrow, so stay tuned!

I also recently completed this side-project for my younger sister, who recently moved into her first apartment! So I have been helping her decorate. I started on Pinterest and pinned a bunch of things I thought she might like. See the board here: Colleen’s Apartment.

She really liked this painting, and asked if I could re-create.

Ombre Wall Art

Of course! I love painting and it really is the simplest and easiest way to save money when sprucing up a new place. Art pieces from home stores typically range anywhere from $40-$200! I happened to have plenty of canvas and paint handy, so this project was $0 (but if I was purchasing new I would say would cost about $20).


I started with aqua and green, and mixed different amounts of black, grey and white to the mix to get the ombre effect. I started with the darker side and moved lighter. I went over a few different times to get the desired look.

up close2

I loved in the picture that they left the edges messy, so I did the same.

up close

And voila! We hung it up her bathroom and we decided to hang it horizontally rather than vertically. I again used the handy dandy toothpaste trick. She loves it! 🙂

bath painting



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