Vintage Phone

Today I thought I would share one of my favorite finds… my vintage rotary phone.


phone2 phone

I found this at a junk bonanza last summer, it is cream with brass accents. I haven’t been able to track down a year for it but it is made by Onyx Telephone Co. Looks great in my apartment and it still works! But I do not have a home phone, bummer! Right now I have it sitting in my living room, it’s fun to pick it up and pretend to use it now and then 🙂



I’m back!/Moulin Rouge Fairy Garden

I’m back! It has been a long hiatus but I am excited to share lots of new projects I have been working on! My apartment has come a long way this year and I really need to get into the habit of documenting everything.  So here we go again, thanks for hanging in there with me! 🙂


My mom recently got me interested in fairy gardens so of course I went right to Pinterest and starting planning mine out! I love the movie Moulin Rouge so I thought it would be fun to do a Moulin Rouge themed fairy garden.

I found windmill accessories online but I thought it would be just as easy to make one. I used an old tin can and scrapbook paper rolled up for the top, and painted it red. I then cut scrapbook paper for the blades and used hot glue to glue together. Was super simple and looked really cute!


I went to Goodwill that day to look for accessories and what better luck, they had Moulin Rouge plates! So I put one up top along with my windmill and an Eiffel Tower I happened to have on hand. I planned out where I wanted these accessories to go and then put the plants in around them. I then filled in any open spots with rocks from my parents home.

all flags

I do not have an outdoor area for the garden so this will be for inside my apartment. I went to Bachmann’s and picked up plants that do well with little sunlight. I also added little flag banners out of fabric. The lights are from an outdoor wreath so they run on batteries and stand up against water so they work perfect worked into the plants.

fbtl Finished it off with a FREEDOM BEAUTY TRUTH LOVE sign 🙂 I cut out the icons from a movie book I had and attached them to craft sticks.

all2 This was a really fun project! I definitely miss having plants come spring/summer so this was a nice way to add plants to my indoor space.