The Everygirl + Fizz56 Dream Makeover

It’s been over a week since my last post, sorry to leave you hanging! I was on vacation in northern MN and it is the one time in the year where I really do unplug from computer.

I recently entered a contest to win a $5000 Dream Room & $1000 Styling Giveaway from The Everygirl + Fizz56 and thought I would share some of the cool things I found on the site Lulu & Georgia, which is also part of the contest.  To enter, you had to Tweet a photo of the room you want made over and also select a few items from the Lulu & Georgia site that you would want incorporated into your dream room.

Here are some of my favorite items:


And, I suppose I should mention the room I would want made over, where all of these pretty things could go! Well, I do love the process of taking my time and finding cool pieces for each area of my apartment, but my bedroom is slower coming than the rest. I really need some cool artwork and accessories in this space. Here is the photo of my bedroom- take into account again that I haven’t completely decorated this space yet, I’m almost embarrassed to put this up 🙂

bedroom b4

At least it will make a good before & after. My Shabby Chic brand sheets will stay though, so comfy and pretty! I can’t wait to see them surrounded by other pretty things. The contest is a long shot, but keep your fingers crossed for me! And in any case, stay tuned for bedroom updates!


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The Mrs. Carter Show


Took a break from crafting yesterday because a friend recently scored tickets to the Beyonce concert in St Paul, which I had the privilege of attending with her last night! I just had to share because it featured tons of exciting design in the costumes, stage, lighting and video.

Most of my favorite performers fall into the category of a DIVA and I have been lucky to have seen some of the greats: Bette Midler (x3), Barbra Streisand, Cher, Reba McEntire, Idina Menzel and Lady GaGa so I was ecstatic to see Beyonce!! I love everything about this type of show because it is so much MORE than just a concert, it is a complete spectacle on par with a Broadway show with the grand sets, costumes and dancing.  There were points in the show where fireworks splashed across the stage, glitter confetti filled the entire arena, and her dancers follow her around like she is a grand queen. A fan was always blowing her hair in just the right motion to keep her looking heavenly. There was even a harness so she could glide over her screaming fans from stage to stage, did I mention she had not one but TWO stages? I’ve decided I am going to be a DIVA in my next life. Or maybe I already was one, because I was completely envious 🙂


I loved this costume best. It sparkled like crazy and she was just glowing. She has the perfect curvy body to pull it off as well.


This costume was a close second. It flowed flawlessly and all of her dancers had them too in different colors.


She had very elaborate videos during costume changes, and had images of her grand queen on a lot of her merchandise. LOVE. The level of detail was just amazing!




I purchased some Beyonce merch, I couldn’t help myself. I want to frame the bag, because even the tour logo is to die for! We will see what I come up with 🙂



Photo Credits: Frank Micelotta/Invision/AP

I of course do not have any affiliation with Beyonce in any way (in my dreams!) I am just a fan who wanted to share 🙂

Striped Fridge Makeover


I follow a great blog, THE HUNTED INTERIOR  and came across this post on her blog awhile back on Pinterest: She updated a blah white fridge with gold duct tape. Duct tape! And it looked so chic! So I thought I would give it a try, as I too have (well, had) a blah white fridge.

fridge b4

Fridge Before

I happened to already have black duct tape on hand, so that is the color I decided to use. It ended up working out great, because I have a black & white stove, and now I can also add a lot of color in other decorative elements in the kitchen (my backsplash is very colorful, and you will get to see that soon!).

At THE HUNTED INTERIOR she wrote that measuring in between the stripes wasn’t necessary, and it is true! Sure they are not all even, but you don’t even notice and it saves a TON of time. You just pull the size of stripe needed (I always left a little extra and used a scissors to cut to exactly where I needed the stripe to end. Sometimes you don’t get a clean cut, but I just folded the tape into a clean cut). Then, just eyeball and stick it down! I would play around when some were a little off before I would press down firmly.

 fridge2           fridge3

With such a chic-looking fridge, I decided the stove needed a few accessories as well!

gallery    gallery2


I will tell you how I made this rose-colored glass in another post soon!

I couldn’t be more pleased with the finished result! You can also see my Tea cart in the corner, that sits right by the fridge 🙂


Thanks for taking a peek!


Tea Cart Makeover


A few weeks back my mom and I were thrift shopping (we found an AWESOME new thrift store in Little Canada- “Planet Thrift” by the way..) and we came upon this vintage bar cart. The gentleman working informed us that it was from roughly 1946. I loved the look and the print on it, but was chipped and stained in places and needed a good clean up.

Cart b4

I started by cleaning the dust and dirt with water/paper towels and sanded it down lightly with sand paper. I have tons of acrylic craft paint since I paint on canvas often, so that is what I used to spruce up the cart. I also like to use acrylic because I can mix different colors to get the exact color I want, try it out, and if I don’t like, mix up another color!  For the golden color I used a mix of mustard yellow, saddle brown, gold, gold glitter and white. I did 3 coats of the gold mix.  Then I used plain white for the print detailing. I used a very watered down white so I could get a good form with the brush since it is an intricate print.  Here is the end result… SPOILER ALERT! You get a sneak peek of my striped fridge project in this photo 🙂

Cart after

Here is the detailing up close. Cute mix of flowers, vine and birds. After the 3 coats of gold, the detailing still was barely visible so I was able to easily trace it over with white and a thin paintbrush.

Cart detail

The gold also had a gold glitter mixed in, and shows in just the right light, which I love. I didn’t want the glitter to be overwhelming or gaudy.


Then time for the accessories! I have another small furniture piece (that I am also in the midst of sprucing up) that I use for a wine bar so this cart I planned to use as a coffee bar. I received these cute coffee & tea tins for my birthday this year.

coffee tins

I also added in a milk glass piece I found at “Chickadee Cottage” and other coffee cups and flowers. I’m sure I will continue to add/take away as I go so stay tuned!



Thank you for taking a peek!



My name is Katie (my family nickname is “Kate”) and I am the proud owner of this blog! I created this site originally, I admit, to keep myself organized! I needed a place to store all of my work, so I could reflect on what I have created & what I have yet to create. I am now also able to share my work easily with family, friends & all of you!

About Me (so far…)

I grew up in St. Paul, MN & both of parents have always sparked the artistic flame in me from early on. I remember seeing charcoal drawings my Dad did for my Mom in their room growing up, and my Mom has always been awesome at crafts. She always made our Halloween costumes and decorated our bedrooms with us.  Then in high school I had a great art teacher, and he really got me to come out of my “shell” as I was always very shy at school. I found a love of painting and I started to think about a career in the arts.

I have always loved my city life in St. Paul, but I took a brief break from living here to attend UW-Stout in Menomonie, WI and I loved learning there! I had great professors and I pushed myself harder than I ever had before creatively. In 2009 I received my Bachelor’s Degree of Fine Arts in Interior Design.

About a year after graduation is what I called my “Golden” year. I had my golden birthday,  bought my first car, moved out of my parents house and in with 2 of my best girlfriends, landed my first career job with a design company, lost 30 pounds, and I fell in love for the first time.

Let’s just say when I fell in love, I fell HARD. Long story short, 2 years later we have parted ways. As much as I would have debated it 8 months ago, time does heal, and I have my DREAM apartment on Cathedral Hill near downtown St. Paul. I’ve been pouring all of my energy into re-connecting with family, friends & my creative self. Planning & decorating for my apartment has led me to want to document & share my projects, which brings me here to you!

Thank you for stopping by, and enjoy!