Apartment Therapy Style Cure continued… and Room Choice Revealed!

I am a little behind on documenting my “reflections” from the Style Cure, and I want this makeover to be well documented. I am really enjoying this process, so here it goes!

Day 1


In my Style Cure interview, my answers to questions 1 and 2 were all very consistent with the classic & glam with a touch of rustic/vintage and a fun/whimsical element too, which is exactly as I would describe my style. Though sometimes I prefer a jolting classic such as reading “Jane Eyre” or Meryl Streep’s performance in, well, anything! I do also enjoy kicking back for a Johnny/Pirates marathon or jamming to Beyonce too.

From my answers to questions 3 and 5, I determined that I like spaces that are bright, cozy and well organized. One of the things that bothers me most in my current room is that there are areas that become a “catch all” and there is a lot of unnecessary clutter. I do enjoy having things around me that are memory objects or are there for a purpose. For example, I have a jewelry wall in my closet, where all of my necklaces are displayed. I do not mind that these are all out because they each have their own hook, and it is easy for me to find what I need and put it back when I am done with it. I also love organization, so I don’t mind a small space. I think that is part of the fun!

I want my family and friends to see my new space as a reflection of me and to give them ideas and inspiration that maybe they have never thought of before. I have always had a vintage flair, but I want to show more glam touches in this space that maybe they wouldn’t expect.

Day 2

My images I collected on my weekend inspiration search I would describe as more on the vintage and rustic side, with touches of the glam thrown in. I was definitely drawn to brighter and more geometric patterns than I usually am. We shall see! See all of them on my Style Cure Pinterest board.

Day 3

The room I have chosen to re-decorate for the Style Cure is… Drum roll please… My BEDROOM!! It is the one space in my apartment that I have felt the most overwhelmed by and still doesn’t have that “it” or “me” factor just yet, so it is perfect for this assignment. I admit I have known all along that this would be room, but I wanted to wait for a big reveal 🙂

Here is what my room looked like before all of my stuff went in…

Living Area - Before

Bedroom/Living Area – Before

And here are my “before” photos after all of my stuff went in. As you can see, it really becomes a “catch all” space for random work stuff, mail, movies, etc.

bedroom b4 b4 2

20130805_110222  b4

Day 4

Today’s assignment was to “create an outbox specifically for the room you are “curing” this month and put one thing in it”.

I have not yet set up my outbox of things to be moved from the space physically, mostly because I haven’t quite figured out where in my tiny apartment this stuff could go for the month. I have set it up in my mind though, because I already know of lots of things I want to get rid of! I particularly look forward to cleaning out desk drawers, storage bins under my bed, and cleaning off shelves in my nightstand and storage cabinet so I can better utilize these items and this space.

Day 5

Make a floor plan of the space. I utilized good ol’ Google SketchUp for this task. It felt so good to use it once again! Brought back so many memories of college and the hours and hours we spent together 🙂 Here is the floor plan of my space:


I also made models of the furniture that was in the space, that may return to the space, so that I have those measurements recorded as well:

Furn dims

Day 6

Today provided many good lessons in the use of color for your space. Some of the best take-aways I had were:

  • “The blue side of the spectrum along with cool browns and grays and the cool off whites possess all of the qualities of coolness in that they are calming, focusing and soothing to our INTELLECT.. Cool colors are therefore best in private rooms where concentration, calmness and rest are most important, such as the bedroom, office, and nursery.”
  • “…when you paint a room straight white, it is going to tend to be cold, and will need a lot of color or other warm elements to make it physically comfortable.”
  • “Use strong colors sparingly. Allow them to punctuate a room, not define it. In any room, go for 80 percent neutral and 20 percent strong colors.”

I am now off to scour my Pinterest boards for more inspiration and to narrow down my décor options! Stay tuned and thanks for reading!