Chevron Wall Art

I love chevron, even if it is just a passing trend! ๐Ÿ™‚ Rather than invest in things that wouldn’t easily be changeable should I get tired of it soon, I created this wall art. I had the large canvas on hand, and I had been itching to do a painting project! I also had plenty of acrylic paint on hand as well. I selected the colors I wanted to use by drawing from other colors I wanted to use in the room and it turned out to be the perfect fit!


I used gray with light pink and gold glitter paint to bring some interest instead of using all the same color. I did not have these colors pre-bottled, I just mixed until I had the right shade. ย For the zig-zag template, I ripped off the back cover of a magazine since it was a sturdier piece of paper, then I folded the top two corners in towards the middle so it was a triangle shape. I then laid it out, traced, and moved to the next section until I had a complete zig-zag. I traced lightly with pencil so I could erase later. I then laid out masking tape over my lines so I could keep the lines as straight as possible.


It still wasn’t completely perfect, some sections were thinner or bulkier, but I think that added to the overall look. I then used the toothpaste trick for hanging the canvas, and worked like a charm!


Stay tuned to see the rest of my living room! ๐Ÿ™‚